Harp eSurvey is a proprietary online questionnaire survey service that is grounded in our marketing and social media expertise, yet so powerful and unique it takes traditional survey tools to a whole new level. Ironically, we spent years surveying our own clients to develop it.

Our marketing strategists will create an online questionnaire designed to uncover meaningful and actionable insights that align with your marketing objectives.

What can you expect from Harp eSurvey? Relevant questionnaire feedback that will:

  • Drive more effective business strategies
  • Develop stronger relationships with your customers or employees
  • Give you a head start spotting developing trends
  • Help you respond to potential problems before they become an issue
  • Make your customers, prospects or employees feel heard


  • VotingPlatform

    Let your customers’ voices be heard! The Harp eSurvey Voting Platform is a great way to crowd source opinions from your customer base or potential customers on just about anything.



  • InstantFeedback

    Give your customers the ablity to decide when they want to share feedback. Harp eSurvey’s Instant Feedback widget is a simple and fast way to gain insight right from your website.